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    If you are an author and would like your coming bestseller to be published and liiberated, we can help you.
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Getting your book published can be difficult and challenging. Publishers are often quite conservative and can have different views and motives than the authors. 

We want to make the process of publishing a book a liiberating and easy experience. We will help you get your book published and we can help you turn your book into a multimedia experience where the reader can be a part of your story in a new and interactive way.

Liibre can help you tell your story. Our primary goal is always to help the authors make the most out of the story they want to tell. We offer the traditional publishing services, editing, illustrations, layout and more. In addition, we can liiberate your book. Make the book come alive through animations, videos and interactivity. Together we can give the readers a completely new book experience. Where the readers can really feel the atmosphere and become a part your story like never before.




If you are a publisher working with traditional books and would like to sell you books on new platforms and with new media rich content, we can help you. 

Many publishers have a great collection of traditional books and represent successful authors of great stories. Why not take these stories to a new level and offer them to new audiences? Old-fashioned bookstores are charming and we love the traditional paper books as well. However today there are several new ways to create books, there are new markets and there are new possibilities.

Many readers prefer being able to bring all their books with them everywhere they go. Other readers would like to be able to buy a book from anywhere, receive it within seconds and read it on their preferred device. Liibre can help you achieve this. Let your readers enjoy their favorite book in a new and interactive way, with rich media content like sounds, videos and animations, without limits and with freedom to read them anytime and anywhere on any device.