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    We can offer a platform for liiberating your books and make them come alive through text, images, videos and animations.
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platform-girl-reading-ebookNew book format

We have developed our own platform for creating and publishing interactive books. With the Liibre platform, we can take any document or book and transform it into a new and more enjoyable format.

With our publishing tool, we are able to create books that are not just text and images. We make books with sounds and music, animations and videos, and with user interactivity. Books that become a whole media experience. When you read about Snow White running through the forest, you can hear her heartbeat and feel the atmosphere of the dark forest, when you are learning Spanish you can hear the language and record your own voice, and so much more. There are endless opportunities with this media rich format. 

Our books are also interactive, which means you become part of the story. You can interact with the characters and help them out. You solve puzzles and do quizzes. You can add your own pictures and take notes within the book and a lot more. The books can be individually adjusted to the needs, abilities and preferences of the reader. You have the freedom to decide how you want to experience your book.



Platform independent

Liibre platform is all about freedom. Our goal has been to create a publishing tool that removes limits and obstacles.

The book format has been the same for a long time. However, that is about to change now. With mobile phones, tablets and computers becoming part of most households we can create new and improved books for everyone. Today, you are able to buy books from anywhere and at any time, you do not have to be at the bookstore between 09.00-17.00, you can just buy the book online and download it seconds later. You do not need a huge backpack to bring your books, you can store 1000's of them on your mobile phone, your laptop or tablet, more than you could ever carry.

Still, with modern technology there are quite a few obstacles as well. Some people have PCs with Microsoft Windows, some people have Macs, others have Android tablets and some prefer Apple Ipads. The challenge is often that apps and games only work on some of these devices. With our publishing tool, we can create books that are platform independent and work on all devices. We give you the freedom to publish books to all of these markets, and the reader the pleasure of enjoying their books on their favorite device. Freedom of choice for everyone.