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    We can help you create the educational books of tomorrow. A new and fun way of learning.
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Schools and Universities

Schools and universities are constantly in need of new and improved ways to teach children and students. 

Today's students have other needs and abilities than yesterday's students, and deserve books and educational material tailored for them. We can help schools and universities create the educational books of tomorrow. Books that makes learning fun and enjoyable, and introduces new methods of learning that are more efficient and appealing to students. At the same time we put knowledge in the center of attention, which means creating a more interactive and fun way of learning does not compromise the quality of teaching.




All students are unique, and each student have different abilities and strengths. They need individually adjusted learning materials to optimize their learning process.

Some students prefer to read, others learn best through practical tasks and experiences. Some has a visual memory, others prefer to listen, and some needs physical interaction. Most students will benefit from of a mix of these elements. With schoolbooks in a digital and interactive format, it is possible to present the material in other ways than with the traditional books and the knowledge becomes accessible for more students.

Liibre cooperate with schools, universities and publishers to create new learning experiences. In addition to text and images, we can include videos, sounds, animations, 3D-modells, games and experiments inside the schoolbooks. This will make the learning process more versatile and adjusted to individual needs, which makes it easier and more enjoyable to learn for the students.




Every day it is challenging for teachers to reach all the students in the classroom, be able to help them, and tailor learning processes to their individual needs and abilities.

To be able to achieve this teachers need some good tools. Interactive schoolbooks can be of great help, and there are great opportunities within this format. Teacher can automatically see the progress students have made in their books, see which tasks and exercises students have a hard time solving, and which they easily can solve. With this information teachers know which topics the students find challenging and can easily adjust the next classes to focus on the most important areas in their teaching. They will also be able to see the individual progress and be able to help students on an individual level. Teachers can choose which exercises are available in each student's books so all students can get challenges adjusted to his or her level. 

New and broader ways of presenting knowledge makes it easier to trigger the learning process for each student no matter his or her level. Liibre can help teachers present the school material in a way that creates interest, curiosity and enjoyment among the students. This will help students absorb the knowledge and enjoy their new achievements without the feeling it is too much an effort. We want to help teachers and students to achieve school days filled with knowledge and enjoyment, where no one feels left behind and everyone can challenges adjusted to their individual needs and abilities.