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    Let us transform your old text books and manuals into a new and interactive learning experience.
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Both private businesses and the public sector are flooded with different books, documents and instruction manuals.

To run an efficient business, it is important that the employees have the correct and updated information at all times and easily accessible. Liibre can transform and liiberate your existing books, manuals, routine documents and turn them in to a more efficient and enjoyable interactive experience.

We will help you create documents and books containing animations, videos and interactivity, which you can easily access from numerous devices. Your employees will be able to read these documents and books from their mobile phones, pc's, macs and tablets. Without platform limitations. Your books and instruction manuals will be accessible and user friendly. The information will be more to the point and accessible.



New Opportunities

New technologies give us new opportunities. The challenge is how to take advantage of this in your organization.

Documents today are normally digital, but they are still mainly text documents. The digital format opens up for many more opportunities. In addition to text and illustrations, we can include elements like video, animation, sound, 3D models and interactivity. As a result, the content can be presented in a far more efficient and enjoyable way and the reader spend a lot less time to understand the content.

Instead of reading 10 pages of text, you can see a few minutes of a video, which will give you the same information in a lot less time, and even with better and clearer descriptions and instructions. Today you can e.g. rotate and interact with a 3D-model and you will have a far better understanding of the equipment you are about to operate or repair, than reading a thick instruction manual only with text and a few images. You will be able to interact with objects within your book. Liibre can help you achieve this and make these media rich books.



Knowledge transfer

One of the great challenges organizations face today is how to transfer knowledge within the organization.

Knowledge is for many organizations their most important advantage. Today more and more companies are knowledge based. In this world it has become essential to be able to distribute and transfer knowledge within your organization.

Liibre can help you improve the ways you transfer knowledge, and give you more tools and ways of training employees and storing information. We can transform your old company handbooks, instruction and operational manuals, into a new, more efficient and enjoyable way of learning and understanding for your employees. Through combining text, images, 3d, sound and video in your books and manuals, and making them accessible on a variety of different devices, we can create a more complete and better learning experience. This way you minimize the loss of knowledge and your new employee will be up to speed in far less time.