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    We provide a variety of services for companies, schools and individuals. Let us tell your stories in a new and exciting way.
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    Let us transform your old text books and manuals into a new and interactive learning experience. Read More +
  • Education

    We can help you create the educational books of tomorrow. A new and fun way of learning. Read More +
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    If you are an author and would like your coming bestseller to be published and liiberated, we can help you. Read More +
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    We can offer a platform for liiberating your books and make them come alive through text, images, videos and animations. Read More +
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Our services

In today's digital world everyone from individuals, private businesses to public institutions need different digital solutions that can make them more efficient, motivated and competitive. We offer services that can transform your traditional publications, manuals or books into a whole new and improved interactive experience. 


Both private businesses and the public sector are flowing over with different books, documents and instruction manuals. One of the great challenges these organizations face is how to transfer knowledge within the organization.

Liibre can help you and improve the ways of knowledge transfer in your organization. We can transform and liiberate your existing books, manuals, routine documents and turn them in to a more efficient and enjoyable interactive experience. 




Schools and universities are constantly in need of new and improved ways to teach children and students.

Today's students have other needs and abilities than yesterday's students, and deserve books and educational material tailored for them. Liibre can help schools and universities create the educational books of tomorrow. Books that makes learning more fun and enjoyable, and introduces new methods of learning that are more efficient and appealing to students.

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Getting your book published can be difficult and challenging. Publishers are often quite conservative and can have different views and motives than the authors.

We want to make the process of publishing a book a liiberating and easy experience. We will help you get your book published and we can also help you turn your book into a multimedia experience where the reader can be a part of your story in a new and interactive way.

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We have developed our own platform for creating and publishing interactive books. With the Liibre platform we can take any documents and books and transform them into a new and more enjoyable format.

The Liibre platform is all about freedom. Our goal has been to create a publishing tool that removes limits and obstacles. We want to give you freedom to publish your books with rich media like images, sounds, videos, animations and user interactivity. With our publishing tool you can publish your books to a variety of different devices like mobiles, computers and tablets, and in a fun and easy way.

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