• The Boy vs the Giant. Winner takes it all!

    All over the world, the story of the story of David and Goliath is a symbol of the little man's fight against the impossible and how you can achieve anything. 

    Here we meet the young boy David. He is the trusted shepherd of his father's sheep. His country is threaten by a foreign power. The Philistines have gathered a huge army and are now at the doorstep of the Israelite kingdom. King Saul has gathered his men, but they fear what is upon them. David's three older brothers are among Saul's men and he is sent to the frontline to get news about his brothers.

    While David is there, he learns that the Philistine giant Goliath has challenged the Israelite army. It is not necessary with a huge battle with bloodshed and deaths. He wants a duel, man to man, and the winner takes it all. The loser's people will become the winner's slaves. King Saul thinks it is an impossible challenge, he can't see any way out of it. As a shepherd, David has killed lions and bears before. He knows God is with him. He knows what's at stake now. He sees the despair and fear among the men around him. On the other hand, he is sure God will be by his side this time too. He is ready for the challenge...
    This interactive book will make you a part of this incredible story. Sounds, animations and interactivity will bring you closer to this story than ever before. You will feel the atmosphere through the wind in the trees, the heart beats of the soldiers and the sounds of a weapons being drawn. David will need your help to prepare for battle and to beat Goliath. Experience this great bible story in a whole new way right now! 
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  • God has lost faith in his creation. What will he do?

    Things have not turned out the way God hoped. Mankind is full of evil and people have turned away from God. God is filled with grief. He wants to start over again. 

    The only man who finds mercy in his eyes, is Noah. God wants to spare him and his family. He tells Noah to build a gigantic ark to save his family from what is coming. God also wants to save samples of all his beautiful creatures to bring into the new world. So he instructs Noah to gather two of all thr animals and creatures on earth and bring them to safety within the ark.

    Through this beautiful interactive book you get involved in a powerful story. Noah needs your help to build the boat and gather the animals. Soon you can see and hear the storm rolling in. When the doors are finally closed and you are safe inside, you can hear the heavy rain pounding on the roof and the chatter of the animals. The animals need to be feed and you have to help out. It is a rough journey, but a new world lies ahead.
    Noah needs your help now, the storm is coming. Get the book now and help him save the world!
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  • A story about endless love.

    This is the parable Jesus told when he wanted to explain God's love for his children. 

    In this story we meet two brothers and their father. One day the youngest son approaches his father. He wants his part of his father's fortune. His father accepts his request and gives him half of all his values. Just after a few days the youngest son sells everything. He takes the money and leaves his father's house and the country. With all this money he wants to live the high life. Wasting his money, he becomes the center of attention and gets a lot of friends. He loves it.
    Then everything changes. The money is gone, so are his friends. It is hard times for the whole country and he is left alone. He ends up taking care of the pigs in the fields and eating their food. In this hopelessness he realizes: Back home not even my father's servants are treated as bad as this. He wants to go back and become his father servant. But will his father let him?
    This interactive book brings you a gripping story about choices and love. You are drawn into the story through beautiful illustrations, animations and sounds. You will help the father divide his values and you will be partying with the youngest son while he wastes his money. You can hear the pigs at the field and see the young boy shiver out of starvation. Buy the book now and be the young son's companion through this fascinating story.
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