• Easy way to - Fitness

    Get in shape today!

    Would you like to get in shape, but find it challenging to find the time to work out or go to the gym? If that is the case, Easy way to - Fitness, might be the book you have been looking for. 

    In this book we have created an effective and fun training routine that can help you get in shape. We have made this book for people with busy lives and limited time resources that would like to exercise and stay healthy. By reading this book you most likely won't win a 100m gold medal in the Olympics or become top 3 in the New York marathon, but you can improve your health in a fun and easy way. 
    Easy way to - Fitness will give you the information you need spot on. Through images, sound, animation and videos, this book will help you exercise in a quick and fun way. The instruction videos will help you do the exercises correct and as efficient as possible. The interactivity in the book opens up for many new opportunities. You can customize your exercises and schedule, to your needs, and focus on the main areas you would like to improve. You will be able to take notes, write your training diary and follow your progress inside the interactive book. We think this is a great and easy way to getting into shape, so there is no reason to wait any longer, download the book today and get started!
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  • Easy way to - Photography

    Everyone can be a great photographer!

    We all take photos in our daily life and collect memories that we can enjoy later and share with others. Now you can learn how to improve your skills as a photographer in a fun and easy way.  

    With digital cameras we take a lot of pictures, and from time to time even some really good ones. Unfortunately, for most of us it doesn't happen too often. With this interactive book we will help you take your photography to the next level and beyond. We will give you the basic information you need to improve your skills and teach you some great tricks that will help you improve your photography dramatically. You will learn about cameras and how to optimize them. How to take great pictures in different locations and common situations and how to take those pictures that will really stand out.
    Easy way to - Photography is a book for people who would like to learn a little more about photography and take better pictures, but live busy lives and don't have the time to spend 6 months on a photography course. Our goal with this book is to help you become a better photographer in a fun and easy way. Therefor we use images, sound, animation and videos for you to quickly and efficiently acquire new skills. Together with the interactive features that will let you customize your book, this will give you an enhanced learning experience. We will show you some really cool pictures and tell you the secrets behind them, so that you can learn to do the same. Your treasured memories will look better than ever!
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  • Easy way to - Yoga

    Do you need a break from a stressful daily life?

    Would you like to learn some techniques to slow down your pace and find some inner peace? Then Easy way to Yoga is the book you are looking for. 

    Our everyday life can be challenging. Sometimes we are stressed out and feel we are torn in all directions. In these moments we need catch our breath and find our inner peace to get through the day. Yoga can help you connect with yourself both mentally and physically. In this interactive yoga book we will teach you breathing technique and special routines for our body to open up and our mind to become calm and focused. After a session, you will feel refreshed and filled with energy and ready to enter the "real" world again.
    Easy way to Yoga is a quick and fun introduction to Yoga. Through text, images, animations and videos you can easily understand each routine. Both how to do them correctly and how each routine will affect your body and mind. The book is interactive and will let you put together your own personal sessions according to your needs and time schedule. Take this opportunity to learn how to give yourself some personal space and recharge your batteries to deal with the rest of the day's challenges head on.
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