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    Your journey to some of the most fantastic cities in the world starts here! Our travel books will make planning and travelling enjoyable for the whole family.
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family-travels-toIt is a great experience for the whole family to travel together.

Exploring new cities, spending time together and creating mutual memories for life. Travelling together can be incredible. On the other hand, there are some challenges too. Parents and children may have different interests, expectations and needs.

With this book series, we want to help you make your journey a great experience for the whole family. As the parents of four children, we know a lot of the challenges you face when you travel to explore new places and cities. With these interactive books we want to give you relevant information and tips in a fun and enjoyable way, so this book can catch the interest of both kids and adults. We focus on the main attractions and sights for families so you can get the most out of your time. 

The Family travels to - book series is developed to combine the wonderful aspects of traveling with knowledge, fun and enjoyment. You will learn about the history and culture of your destination in a new and interactive way tailored to the interests of the whole family. The digital format of our books gives us more opportunities to develop the content in a rich and attractive way. In addition to text and images, we use videos, animations, sounds, to make the books more compelling and interesting. We have also included interactive elements like games, quizzes and more, that will make the books a great experience for the whole family. 

We would like you to have the best trip ever and hope we can help you make it enjoyable and memorable for the whole family. We wish you a great journey!

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