Red Riding Hoods journey through the treacherous forest.

This book is based on the traditional fairytale about Red Riding Hood. In addition, we have brought in some elements from the first original versions of the fairytale and we have added something new.

In this story we meet a young girl called Red Riding Hood. She lives in a little cabin by the forest with her loving parents. The forest is quite dangerous. Deep inside the forest, by the lake, her grandmother lives all alone. Red Riding Hood loves to go visit her, but this time things turn out differently.
She meets an old friend and she makes a new one, but is he for real? We follow Red Riding Hood through a dramatic day filled with challenges and ups and downs. She will have to find strength within to get through.
This thrilling and enjoyable story is filled with beautiful illustrations and engaging interactivity. Based on your interactions the characters will respond and come alive. We want you to feel like you are a part of the story. You will hear the sounds of the forest, meet some incredible creatures and feel how the atmosphere changes.
Be aware, sometimes it might be a little bit scary. And remember, don't be fooled by first impressions...
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Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Languages:
    • Text languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian ++
    • Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian ++

  • Contents:
    • 30 pages with beautiful illustrations
    • Background music and sounds
    • Narration
    • Games and activities
    • ...and a lot more!



Inspirational videomade by Ken Robinson.