God has lost faith in his creation. What will he do?

Things have not turned out the way God hoped. Mankind is full of evil and people have turned away from God. God is filled with grief. He wants to start over again. 

The only man who finds mercy in his eyes, is Noah. God wants to spare him and his family. He tells Noah to build a gigantic ark to save his family from what is coming. God also wants to save samples of all his beautiful creatures to bring into the new world. So he instructs Noah to gather two of all thr animals and creatures on earth and bring them to safety within the ark.

Through this beautiful interactive book you get involved in a powerful story. Noah needs your help to build the boat and gather the animals. Soon you can see and hear the storm rolling in. When the doors are finally closed and you are safe inside, you can hear the heavy rain pounding on the roof and the chatter of the animals. The animals need to be feed and you have to help out. It is a rough journey, but a new world lies ahead.
Noah needs your help now, the storm is coming. Get the book now and help him save the world!
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Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Languages:
    • Text languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian ++
    • Spoken languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian ++

  • Contents:
    • 30 pages with beautiful illustrations
    • Background music and sounds
    • Narration
    • Games and activities
    • ...and a lot more!



Inspirational videomade by Ken Robinson.