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    We have our own bookstore with a wide range of liiberated books for both children and adults. Here you can see a selection of great books from our different book series. Have a look and enjoy!
  • Bible Stories

    Experience these wonderful bible stories in a whole new way with beatiful illustrations and interactivity. Read More +
  • Fairytales

    Enjoy the best classical fairytales in a new and engaging way through these beautifully illustrated interactive books. Read More +
  • Play to Learn

    Educational books for children of all ages. Learn languages, science, mathematics, geography, history and more, in a fun and interactive way. Read More +
  • Easy Way To

    Through this book series we would like to help you to learn new things in a fun and easy way without having to spend too much time and effort. Read More +
  • Family Travels To

    Your journey to some of the most fantastic cities in the world starts here! Our travel books will make planning and travelling enjoyable for the whole family. Read More +
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Welcome to our bookstore!

We have developed five book series for different ages and interests. Exciting books and stories for the whole family, both children and adults. Enjoy!

    • BIBLE STORIES: For thousands of years the fascinating bible stories have been told from generation to generation. We want to bring these great stories to life for the children of today.
    • FAIRYTALES: The classical fairytales and legends are important parts of our cultural legacy. They have been passed on from generations to generations for ages. We want to continue this important work and be a part of this tradition.
    • PLAY TO LEARN: We want our children to explore and challenge themselves so they can improve their skills and talents and gain new knowledge. We have developed this book series so your children can learn new things while having a good time.
    • EASY WAY TO: Like most of us experience, our time is a limited resource and we would like to do the most of it. Our "Easy Way to" - book series is a great way to learn new things and broaden our horizon in a quick and easy way.
    • FAMILY TRAVELS TO: It is a great experience for the family to travel. You spend time together and create memories for life. With this book series, we want to help you make the most out of your journeys for the whole family.


How does it work?
We have made a small introduction to each book, so you can get a feel of it. When you have found a book that you would like to read, just follow these quick steps:
    1. Choose the book
    2. Choose your device
    3. Download the book
    4. Start reading
    5. Feel liiberated!


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