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    Liibre is an interactive book publisher. We create liiberating book experiences based on our company´s core values: Imagination - Passion - Quality
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The company

Liibre was founded in 2012. The company is registered in Norway, and we are currently located in Norway and in Spain.

We are an international company and we are operating in different global markets. We offer our services to both companies in the private sector and the public sector. Our books are distributed all over the world and in all the major languages.

The company name reflects the core idea and philosophy our company is based upon. Libre is the French and Spanish word for "liberty" and "the state of being free", and its origin is the Latin word liber, which can actually mean both free and book. That is exactly what Liibre is all about, books and freedom. Liiberating books.




We have defined three core values for our company that we want to reflect in everything we do and in every aspect of our business. These three core values are:

  • Imagination - The ability to confront and deal with reality by using the creative power of the mind. Imagination to us includes innovation, adventure, playfulness, freedom and fun. All of which we would like to be reflected in the way we think and act.
  • Passion - Which has been described as boundless enthusiasm. To us passion includes engagement, motivation and dedication. We are passionate about our work and we want this to reflect in the way we work.
  • Quality - To deliver products of high value for the customers. To us quality includes knowledgeable, reliable and skilful. We want this to be reflected in our products.



You may wonder what does liiberating books really mean? To us liiberating books, have two meanings:

  • We liiberate books from their old traditional format. Our books are not restrained inside their covers, but are free from formats and can offer the readers a broad and media rich experience.
  • We create books that are liiberating for the readers. Books that are easy to read, enjoyable, and make you feel liiberated. Books that can help you in a fun and easy way, and make you feel free. Engaging books where you become a part of the story, feel the atmosphere and give you a new kind of reading experience.